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Ganga Yoga Academy

Ganga Yoga Academy is a registered Yoga school (RYS) recognized by Yoga Alliance USA to offer all three levels of Yoga Teacher Training programs i.e. 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training and advance 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training courses as well as integrated 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training program. The course curriculum of each program has been designed according to the international standards established by Yoga Alliance USA to meet the requirements of the participants.

Our highly qualified and proficient Yoga masters have dedicated their life to serve Yoga since their childhood. They are Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) recognized by Yoga Alliance USA and have been engaged in practicing and teaching Yoga for years. Each participant in the group gets personal attention by Yogically skilled professional Yoga masters for individual growth.

Yoga and Meditation Retreats : Yoga and Meditation Retreats are the best way to revive and rejuvenate your body and mind. The curriculum of our retreat programs have been wisely structured by proficient and experienced Yoga Masters. These programs are suitable for everyone and are very helpful and effective to deal with the stressful lives led by people of all age groups. Moreover, our Yoga and Meditation Retreats are designed in such a way that it helps the participants to gain deeper insight of their inner world and enjoy the benefits of physical strength and peace of mind. Our team of Yoga and Meditation Retreats is focused and dedicated to create ideal atmosphere for the participants so that they can enjoy their stay with the greatest freedom and ease. Yoga and Meditation Retreats have been perfectly coded to nourish and boost the positive factors and to control and alleviate negative impacts of hectic lifestyle such as stress, anxiety and fatigue. They helps to create emotional equilibrium and inner tranquility to foster physical fitness and psychological well-being.

Dates : 1st July - 7th July 2018 (7 Days ) and 1st July - 15th July 2018 (15 Days)

1st September - 7th September 2018 (7 Days ) and 1st September - 15th September 2018 (15 Days )

1st October - 7th October 2018 (7 Days) and 1st October - 15th October 2018 (15 Days) Read More

7 Days Ayurvedic Nutrition and Cooking Course : Ganga Yoga academy has introduced Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking courses in Rishikesh featuring the ayurvedic view of nutrition essential for your body and mind. Build your body with the goodness of naturally occurring organic whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruits to reduce stress and live a lifestyle susceptible to diseases.

1st October to 7th October 2018
1st December to 7th December 2018 Read More

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India 2018

Daily Schedule for Yoga Teacher Training

  • 06:00 AM ~ Wake Up Time.
  • 06:30 AM To 8:30 AM ~ Yoga & Pranayama Classes
  • 08:45 AM To 9:30 AM ~ Breakfast
  • 09:45 AM To 11:00 AM ~ Patanjali Yoga Sutras
  • 11:00 AM To 12:00 AM ~ Anatomy
  • 12:00 Noon To 12:30 PM ~ Chanting of sacred hymns
  • 12:30 PM ~ Lunch Time
  • 01:00 PM To 03:00 PM ~ Free Time
  • 03:00 PM To 03:30 PM ~ Tea Break
  • 03:30 PM To 04:30 PM ~ Introduction To Sanskrit
  • 04:30 PM To 07:00 PM ~ Yoga & Meditation
  • 07:30 PM To 08:30 PM ~ Dinner
  • 08:30 PM To 09:00 PM ~ Satsang – Get Together
  • Location: Rishikesh (India)

    Rishikesh is an ancient spiritual city in the state of Utarakhand in India. It is located at the foothills of majestic Himalayan mountain in the presence of holy river Ganges. The location is surrounded by prestine natural beauty of Himalaya and cool breeze of river Ganges add to its beauty and serenity.

    The serene environment of Rishikesh creates an ideal atmosphere for all kinds of Yoga practices. Rishikesh is popularly known as World Yoga Capital and it is one of the most preferred Yoga destination loved by inspired Yoga aspirants and practitioners from around the world.

    Ganga Yoga Academy offers Yoga Teacher Training programs according to international standards of teaching Yoga as set by Yoga Alliance USA. The participants are rewarded with Yoga Teacher Training Certificate after successful completion of the course which allow them to get registered with Yoga Alliance USA as RYT and organize their own Yoga class anywhere in the world.
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    Why Choose Us?

    Ganga Yoga Academy is one of the prestigious and established institution of Yoga in an ancient spiritual city of Rishikesh, India. It is registered yoga school (500-RYT) recognized by Yoga Alliance USA to conduct all levels of Yoga Teacher Training certification courses. The school is located in a famous Yoga destination which is popularly known as world yoga capital due to its serene environment surrounded by pristine natural beauty of majestic Himalaya Mountain and the presence of holy river Ganges add to the spiritual significance of the place. The geographical location and climatic condition of Rishikesh create an ideal atmosphere for all kinds of Yoga activities as well as spiritual practices.

    The certified Yoga Teacher Training programs are conducted under the spiritually professional guidance of highly qualified and proficient Yoga masters who have years of experience in practicing and teaching the ancient science of well-being - Yoga. They are recognized by Yoga Alliance USA as E-RYT (Experienced - Registered Yoga Teacher) and dedicated to deliver authentic Yoga teachings by paying personal attention to each aspirant in the group for individual growth.

    Ganga Yoga Academy provides comfortable accommodation facilities including well ventilated private and shared rooms with attached western style bathroom. The participants are served pure vegetarian organic food to keep them motivated and high with energies. 24x7 Wi-Fi connectivity is also available within the school premises for the Yoga aspirants.

    Now, there is nothing you would be waiting for! If you've decided to be a certified Yoga teacher, do not waste your time as the world is looking for people like you to guide them with your wisdom - Reserve Your Space!

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    Ganga Yoga Academy
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